Planet Baha’i originally debuted in late 2001 and had a successful 10-year run presenting weekly articles and a variety of other resources on the Baha’i Faith.  In 2010, the site went into semi-retirement when we started a small publishing house, One Voice Press.  The site remained online as an archive until early 2015 when a mishap resulted in the loss of all of our data.

Oops.  But we have collected the best of our articles from those years into three ebooks, which you can purchase from One Voice Press.

In November of 2015 I relaunched Planet Baha’i in a somewhat different guise.  There are by now so many other good web resources on the Baha’i Faith that I don’t feel a need to develop another.  So rather than going whole hog as we did before, I’m simply going to present occasional thoughts and meditations from a Baha’i perspective.

I hope you enjoy what I present and find it useful.  Thank you for stopping by!

–Dale E. Lehman