by Dale E. Lehman

The deaths of 345 people during this year's annual Muslim Hajj raise a number of questions about the value of fixed rituals in religion. What does the Bahá'í Faith say about rituals? Is it permissible to change them if they become too cumbersome or even dangerous?

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by Kathleen Kettler Lehman

What do Robins searching for their breakfast have to do with faith? Perhaps more than it might seem! Sensing the unseen, they find their sustenance. In the spiritual realm we may find ourselves doing very much the same thing.

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Book Reviews

The Utility of Force


by Kathleen Kettler Lehman

This may seem to be an unusual book to review in a column appearing in a Bahá'í publication. After all, Bahá'ís are supposed to be interested in peace. But it is clear from current world events that armed chaos is not going to stop overnight, and the problems to which force is nowadays applied are vastly more complex than in previous ages.

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Praise His Name: A Music Review


by Elizabeth Lehman

Walter Heath's collection of Bahá'í devotional music, Praise His Name, is a rich blend of prayer, melody, and harmony infused with spirit. Elizabeth Lehman reviews this powerful CD.

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