Chasing God


by Dale E. Lehman

In 1948 Ray Bradbury wrote a science fiction story depicting one man's search for God. 'The Man' calls to mind many teachings from the Bahá'í Faith.

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'Tis The Season


by Melissa Lehman

Sometimes outward appearances don't entirely match inward realities. Take holidays such as Christmas and Ayyám-i-Há, for example. Both are celebrations of God's love for us, yet sometimes we forget that, or perhaps we remember it but forget to show it.

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Book Reviews

The Utility of Force


by Kathleen Kettler Lehman

This may seem to be an unusual book to review in a column appearing in a Bahá'í publication. After all, Bahá'ís are supposed to be interested in peace. But it is clear from current world events that armed chaos is not going to stop overnight, and the problems to which force is nowadays applied are vastly more complex than in previous ages.

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Praise His Name: A Music Review


by Elizabeth Lehman

Walter Heath's collection of Bahá'í devotional music, Praise His Name, is a rich blend of prayer, melody, and harmony infused with spirit. Elizabeth Lehman reviews this powerful CD.

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